Countdown to Election Day:

I’m Daniel L. Collins, and I’ll bring an open-minded approach to the court system.

I want to share with you some of my life’s history.

I'm experienced.

The Chicago Bar Association found I have "an excellent demeanor and possesses the requisite depth and breadth of experience to serve as a Circuit Court Judge."

The Chicago Council of Lawyers found I had "substantial litigation experience" with "very good litigation skills." They also found I had a "professional demeanor" and was "well respected."

I have practiced for over 22 years as an attorney gaining experience as a criminal prosecutor, a criminal defense attorney, a workers compensation attorney for both workers and employers, employment discrimination, discrimination, elections, business litigation, business consultation and real estate.

A career spent doing multiple types of practice for a wide variety of clients leads me to believe that I will be a very capable judge.

I'm a widower.

I first met Nancy Niego Collins after graduating college in 1991. We married in 2000 and have four children, Danny, Aidan, Claire and Katie. In 2016, Nancy passed away after battling a brain tumor called a glioblastoma.

Being a single, working parent creates challenges that many will recognize (meals, transportation, multiple events – at the same time!, laundry-always more laundry). Ultimately, the reward of seeing our kids grow and prosper is what Nancy wanted most from me. Having gone through some of the worst that life has to offer.

If elected I will bring the strength and compassion that I witnessed to the bench. I'll strive to make both Nancy and my four children proud of me.

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Attorney Bar Association Ratings

Found Qualified By:

  • Chicago Bar Association
  • Asian American Bar Association
  • Chicago Council of Lawyers
  • Cook County Bar Association
  • Decalogue Society of Lawyers
  • ISBA (Illinois State Bar Association)
  • Puerto Rican Bar Association of Illinois
  • Women's Bar Association of Illinois
  • Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illionis

Found recommended By:

  • Hellenic Bar Association of Lawyers
  • Lesbian & Gay Bar Association of Chicago

Union Endorsements:

  • Local 597, Pipefitters Association

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