I’m Daniel L. Collins, and I’ll bring an open-minded approach to the court system.

I want to share with you some of my life’s history.

I’m experienced.

The Chicago Bar Association found I have “an excellent demeanor and
possesses the requisite depth and breadth of experience to serve as a Circuit Court Judge.”

The Chicago Council of Lawyers found I had “substantial
litigation experience” with “very good litigation skills.” They also found I had a “professional demeanor” and was “well respected.”

I have practiced for over 22 years as an attorney gaining experience as a criminal prosecutor, a criminal defense attorney, a workers compensation attorney for both workers and employers, employment discrimination, discrimination, elections, business litigation, business consultation and real estate.

A career spent doing multiple types of practice for a wide variety of clients leads me to believe that I will be a very capable judge.

I’m a widower.

I first met Nancy Niego Collins after graduating college in 1991. We married in 2000 and have four children, Danny, Aidan, Claire and Katie. In 2016, Nancy passed away after battling a brain tumor called a glioblastoma.

Being a single, working parent creates challenges that many will recognize (meals, transportation, multiple events – at the same time!, laundry-always more laundry). Ultimately, the reward of seeing our kids grow and prosper is what Nancy wanted most from me. Having gone through some of the worst that life has to offer.

If elected I will bring the strength and compassion that I witnessed to the bench. I’ll strive to make both Nancy and my four children proud of me.

I’m the father of four wonderful kids. 

My oldest son, Danny is a senior in high school and introducing me to the college application process.  He’s always been an active kid and finds time to be a caddy, bag room attendant, basketball coach and referee.  Aidan is currently a sophomore in high school and made both the volleyball and golf team while also playing piano. 

Claire will soon be graduating from grammar school and is a stand out student, volunteer and participant in basketball, volleyball, lacrosse and softball.  Claire also plays the piano. Katie is in fifth grade and is constantly doing videos with her friends besides playing volleyball, basketball and softball. When people asked me how I did it with four kids, I used to say, “Marry well.”  Now, I simply say, “I’m blessed with four great kids.”

I was raised in a union family and worked for unions.

My father, John Collins, was a Local 597 pipefitter who valued educating his kids.  My mom, Alice Collins, worked a variety of jobs from teacher to waitress to writer to speaker.  When I was younger, I worked for Local 17 Heat and Frost Insulators removing asbestos to help pay for college. 

I also worked for Local 150 Operating Engineers for several years working on numerous infrastructure projects. After my Dad retired, I attended several of the Retired Pipefitter’s Golf Outings with him. I am blessed that my Dad’s union, Local 597 Pipefitters endorsed my candidacy.f

I’m active in my community.

I currently serve as a commissioner for the Park District of La Grange. As a Commissioner, I help to oversee the implementation of the Park District’s budget, chart a course for future growth of the Park District and oversee the Park District’s programs. 

Prior to that I served on the La Grange Little League Board for several years including a stint as the league’s President. I’ve volunteered as a coach for baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer. He proudly served on the LCPL Jonathan Collins Memorial Foundation honoring his fallen US Marine nephew, Jonathan. While on the Board, we raised funds to build a soccer field at his high school, provide scholarships to local students and comfort teddy bears to the children of deployed US Marines.

I have a variety of things that interest me.

My kids and I have been very fortunate to meet someone very special to us.

What kind of judge will I be?

I think the voters of Cook County deserve a well educated, well rounded judge who will greet all who come before the bench with respect and courtesy. Thank you for your consideration and vote.